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A magazine «Road Sector of Ukraine» is a specialized magazine for experts of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership, that are engaged in building, repair and maintenance of roads, for everybody who is not indifferent to the fate of Ukrainian roads. The object of edition is to provide with full and thorough information concerning prospects of road sector development, to familiarize with new technologies in road building, with leading Ukrainian and world companies, scientific achievements and original practical developments, to give advice about peculiarities of road equipment and on other important issues of professional activities. On pages of the magazine you will find normative documents, analytical materials about painful problems of road sector, historical outlines of road building development in Ukraine and a lot of other useful and important information. We will introduce to you outstanding individuals, patriots of the sector, whose activities contribute to the economic revival of Ukraine, its integration into European community.


  • OFFICIALLY – there are covered official events, in particular holding collegiums of Ukravtodor and meetings, where important issues of economic, social and legal nature are considered.
  • LAUNCHING OBJECTS – information about opening of new roads, bridges and overbridges in Ukraine.
  • PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS– reporting about urgent problems, achievements and vision of prospects for work of road sector organizations.
  • CONFERENCES – theoretical and practical conferences, dedicated to scientific developments, new technologies, modern building methods, repair and maintenance of motor roads and objects thereon.
  • REGIONS – peculiarities of road organizations in the regions, achievements and problems.
  • LEADERS OF THE SECTOR – story about the most successful and perspective enterprises and organizations of the sector.
  • NEW TECHNOLOGIES – about development and application of new technologies for building and repair of motor roads.
  • ROAD EQUIPMENT – innovations in the world of road equipment, advantages, experts’ opinions.
  • PERSONALITY – introducing an outstanding individual in the road sector, his/her road to success.
  • STAR GUEST– interview with a famous person, who is not indifferent to the fate of Ukrainian roads.

CREDO OF MAGAZINE EDITORIAL POLICY is openness to communication with readers, providing with full and thorough information about all aspects of motor roads sector activities.

We hope that our magazine will become your reliable friend, adviser, consultant in the professional activity. We sincerely support development of motor roads sector of Ukraine and believe that our activity will promote facilitating realization of your intentions.

№ 2 2013

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